Friday, August 19, 2011

PiTCHiNG a New REALiTY (TV show)

EXTREME MAKEOVER: Animal Shelter Edition

In today's world, the following are of paramount popularity and relevance: (1) Humans’ relationships with animals, specifically dogs; (2) the health and fitness revolution; (3) the "home makeover"/ interior design craze; and (4) the rise of Reality TV as a platform for personal transformation and social change. As such, Extreme Makeover: Animal Shelter Edition would be a "hit" on every level. TV shows in this genre are proven ratings giants. And so much more importantly, the physical design of shelters should mirror humans’ evolving consciousness toward animals, which is pointed in a positive, progressive and healing-centered direction.

Using people's relationship with their dogs as a platform for (essentially spiritual) guidance, Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan inspires people to develop the "Pack Leader Within". On Extreme Makeover: Weight loss Edition, people experience extraordinary physical and emotional healing through fitness. On Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, deserving families are gifted with brand new, state-of-the-art living spaces, designed to bring out the strengths in each family member; as well as support the humanitarian efforts in which the family members are involved. This allows good people to continue doing good work in the world. The ripple effect is far-reaching, and strikes deep; no one watches Extreme Makeover without bursting into tears when they hear the crowd chant in unison, "Move that bus! Extreme Makeover: Animal Shelter Edition, would combine elements of all of the above. Both people and animals would benefit from the healthy transformations this series could make possible.

Extreme Makeover: Animal Shelter Edition would follow the same format and execution as “Extreme Makeover: Home Edition”, or “Monster House”. Massive groups of builders – with help from volunteers in the community and donated building materials - would create stunning new architectural structures to serve as rescue/rehab/re-homing facilities, AND human-animal community and fitness centers. While separate kennels would still exist, the definitive elements of the facility would include big, fenced in yards for the purpose of pack-socialization among shelter dogs; and many unique and innovative design features to support an active, fun environment – such as swimming pools, waterfalls and other water features, agility courses, doggy treadmills, climbing rocks, hiking and running trails. Maybe each kennel's floor could double as a “moving sidewalk”, to be turned on and off during supervised exercise sessions with staff and volunteers. 

The creative minds of the Extreme Makeover team, combined with the nearly limitless materials and financial resources that come with them, can - and do - create miracles. We HERE IN KONA, ON HAWAII'S BIG ISLAND, NEED THIS KIND OF MIRACLE. And we have an actual, PHYSICAL PLACE to start! Kona's soon-to-be ANIMAL COMMUNITY CENTER could be the show's pilot project!

Historically, Hawaii has ranked among the worst states in the country with regard to animal welfare. Because of the dedicated board members, staff and volunteers of HIHS, we are now reaching a time of significant change in the right direction. And - ironically - because of our poor reputation as a state, we who are involved with the Animal Community Center have the opportunity to set an "extreme" precedent! Our history will make the impact of our revolution all the more powerful. Most importantly, Hawaii’s reputation as Paradise will rightfully be reflected in the lives of its animals, and the culture surrounding their care.

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